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altWORLDMAP New World Strategies Proprietary Limited is more than an organization. It is a belief that when this age of humanity meets it end, we will carry with us the values and ethics needed to grant us the strength of character needed to survive to the next, great stage of humanity.

We do not believe in an afterlife – we believe in a perfect future. We are determined not just to prepare for our salvation, but to make good of the world we have now. We do this through our intensely researched methods towards individual self-betterment. Our belief is that oneself learning how to be a full and content person will allow them to better influence Mankind in the right direction. Towards nobility, honour and integrity.

We have one man to thank for bringing us together. One man who is personally overseeing that we cross the finish line into excellence. That man is Wesley Cornelius Jones, or W.C. Jones. A man of wit, charm, poise and integrity. His calm and thoughtful leadership is what separates us from the clutter of humanity’s impulse for violence and disorder, and will allow us to flourish into the next stage of our lifecycle.

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